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Most people know of Dowsing as a way of finding underground water.


There is more to dowsing than meets the eye.


I am willing to travel anywhere to locate items and/or assist with the locating of items. The Canadian Society of Dowsers can enlighten you with more details.

House Neutralization

  • Dowsers can detect negative energy fields whether man made or geophysical.

Buried Items

  • Graves
  • Former Buildings
  • Former Railroad Tracks
  • Canals
  • Underground Tunnels
  • Pipes and Leaks
  • Find Treasures
  • Interdimensional Portals



My friends Kire Paputts & Colin Brunton
put together a video clip to
help people understand about
Opening A Portal to the 5th Dimension.

Click on the picture to the left and get
a better insight into the 5th Dimension.


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